Boost your accounting cycle efficiency.

Lockstep makes it easier for your accounting department to work with vendors and customers.


Email and spreadsheet software aren’t designed to help AR or AP teams.

No Control.

No Visibility.

No Automation.

Accounting cycle collaboration gives you one place to connect with
customers and vendors.

Lockstep makes your AR and AP faster. Lockstep is a collaborative application for your accounting department to easily and securely process invoices, approvals, disputes, inquiries, collections, and more.

Team Workspace.

Manage all your accounting conversations and tasks as a team.

Flexible Workflow.

Work the way you want.


Have the data you need with integration to your accounting software.

Performance Analytics

Get the insights you need to improve your operations.

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Make a difference during lunch.

Lockstep can be configured and operational in 30 minutes.
Start making it easier for your team now.

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“Lockstep lets us close with confidence because we know exactly what’s been processed and what is still outstanding.”

Sandra Graham, Hardware World


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