We’re on a mission to help accounting teams work together.

We think we have a better way, and we call it Lockstep.

We admit it – we’re accounting nerds.

Some of us have been building accounting solutions for over two decades. But even now, there’s lots of room for improvement. In particular, the way accounting teams work with other companies to synchronize their books is a mess. Emails. Unanswered emails. PDFs. Phone calls. Unreturned phone calls. Manual entry. It’s horrifically manual and burdensome. And the AR and AP professionals we surveyed agreed.

Everyone knows that physical mail is expensive and slow. And while email may be slightly better, processing PDF documents is still mind-numbing.

Then there are portals.

The growth in customer and vendor portals makes the accounting cycle worse. Who wants to log into someone else’s software to do someone else’s data entry?

And because each portal is different, that means lots of different procedures, lots of passwords, and lots of tedious work.


We think we have a better way, and we call it Lockstep.

Lockstep unlocks the power of the Cloud and APIs to:

  • Give you one place to connect with all your vendors and customers.
  • Securely, confidently automate the exchange of information between accounting systems.
  • Let you to use your software of choice and let your vendors and customers use theirs.


Our leadership brings years of experience in SaaS, accounting software, and product design.

Peter Horadan

Chief Executive Officer
previously Avalara, Concur, Scout Analytics, Microsoft

Matt Shanahan

Chief Strategy Officer
previously Globys, Azuqua, Scout Analytics, Documentum

Bill Henslee

Chief Technology Officer
previously e2b Teknologies, Sage Software,
Haitek Solutions

Scot Madill

VP, Product and Customer Success
previously Winshuttle, QL2,

Chip Greer CMO Lockstep Network

Chip Greer

Chief Commercial Officer
previously Blacksmith Applications,
Microsoft, Epicor

Vicki Seredichi CFO Lockstep Network

Vicki Seredich

Chief Financial Officer
previously e2b Teknologies, Palmieri Enterprise,
Bluestone Trading Company