Eliminate the cash traps in your AR and AP processes.

Lockstep is a cloud-based solution to make your
accounting team more productive.

Lockstep Activity Reporting

Accounting Inbox

Give a clear owner to every email and activity, so no customer or vendor request falls through the cracks.

Give a clear owner to every email and activity, so no customer request falls through the cracks.

Get more done by keeping work prioritized and organized.
View each email sent and received in a quick, clear, and intuitive timeline.

All conversations and activities are organized by vendor or customer.

Smart Integration

Give your team superpowers.

Bring relevant ERP data into the conversation to speed up responses.

Automate the busywork of recording and tracking open work.

Request, capture, and track approvals effortlessly for you and the approver.

Provide consistent, compliant responses with automated fill in of the tedious details.

Lockstep Smart Automation
Lockstep Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Effortlessly capture and manage master data.

Empower customers and vendors to verify and update their corporate info, contacts, and compliance records.

Automatically synchronize your ERP with changes made to profiles.

Trigger requests and track status for unverified profiles.

Maintain library of required tax and audit records.

Online Accounts

Give customers and vendors self-service access.

Be round-the-clock helpful by letting customers and vendors get the information they need.

Accelerate cash flow with online payments.

Make it easy for customers and vendors to communicate online with you.

Remove barriers to adoption with password-free, secure access for customers and vendors.

Lockstep Online Accounts
Lockstep Activity Reporting

Activity Reporting

Manage onsite and remote teams with ease.

Identify team members who need help.

Accurately report to stakeholders your team’s performance.

Evaluate workload and team capacity to make staffing decisions.

Identify if response time of team or approvers is an issue.

Find the right plan for you.

Start eliminating the cash traps in your AR and AP processes.



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SOC 2 Compliant

Lockstep achieved SOC 2 accreditation in 2019.

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